TechFolio Designer

TechFolio Designer (TFD) is a cross-platform desktop application, implemented using Electron, which is intended to simplify the management of your professional portfolios.

Prior to the development of TFD, creating a personal TechFolio required choosing between the following:

  1. Edit TechFolio files in the cloud using GitHub’s browser-based editing tools. This requires no setup, but browser-based editing is very primitive and error-prone. In particular, it is very easy to make mistakes while editing the bio.json file.

  2. Edit TechFolio files locally. This requires you to use a git client (so that you can download the files to edit, and upload them back to GitHub after you’ve finished), and to use an IDE to edit the files. This requires some sophistication with git as well as knowledge of an IDE. In addition, as the IDE does not “know” about the structure of TechFolio files, it is still relatively easy to make errors.

TFD provides a third alternative, one where the desktop application builds in knowledge about TechFolio portfolios and the need to use git to host them at GitHub. This means:

TFD is still under initial development, and does not yet implement all of the potentially helpful features such an application could have.