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Project due dates Mar 1, 2014

The project specifications are likely to be updated in response to requests for clarification.

Extra credit Feb 1, 2014

Due to fact that the grading workload is already too great for the TA time allocated, we will not have extra credit programming or problem solving assignments. Extra credit will be built in to the three projects and some of the homework assignments. So, don’t slack: you won’t be given other opportunities to earn credit!

Exam Dates Jan 14, 2014

Assuming no unanticipated events, exams will be held in BusAd A102 on these dates:

  • Tuesday 02/25 BusAd A102 3:00-4:15 - Midterm 1 (Topics 1-8)
  • Tuesday 04/01 BusAd A102 3:00-4:15 - Midterm 2 (Topics 9-14 + review; delayed a week by spring break)
  • Tuesday 04/22 BusAd A102 3:00-4:15 - Midterm 3 (Topics 15-21 + review)
  • Thursday 05/15 BusAd A102 2:15-4:15 p.m - Final Exam: Cumulative on all topics excluding 22-23 (Special Topics) but including 24-25 (NP Completeness)